The AllAboard Docking Station and Desk Organizer

Stop losing your stuff!

After a long day, throw your keys, change, and other junk you collect in your pockets all day in this awesome docking station! And even better, plug your best frie.... uh, I mean.... phone in to this bad boy and get a charge in, keeping all your stuff in one spot. If you have ever forgotten your phone, wallet, or keys at home, I'm sure you've wished you had one of these phone charging stations like this to save you the trip back home, when you are already running late as it is (Ask my wife, she knows this one all too well). The Best thing about our docks? No matter if you have an iPhone, Samsung, or other Android device, we will have you covered with this. Not only will you never have to worry about needing a new docking station when you upgrade your phone, but you will never have to mess around with cords falling or dangling loosely with our design. It's truly designed to last for many years to come.

Pick one of these bad boys up today, we are positive it will make the perfect gift for those who tend to leave their things all over the place, in fact we guarantee it! Let's help them get a bit of order in their life! (or, even better, your own!)

Our process

Like all of our products, this docking station is designed and constructed from start to finish here in the U.S.A., using our amazingly durable and beautiful plywood, giving us our signature striped edge. In our shop here at Wudzee, each piece is designed, cut, sanded, and finished by hand by the best craftsmen this side of the Mississippi. (Actually, both sides of it, but you understand the expression!) That means your supporting the people who design and make each piece with a ridiculous amount of pride.

***Christmas Gift Deadline***

We ask that, if you are looking to get your gift with USPS guaranteed delivery by Christmas, you place your order by 12/14 at the latest! Of course, if you are late for this deadline, we will always get items out as soon as possible, and often can have them to you by the big day, but things can get pretty crazy around here and we want to make sure everyone can give the best gift on time!

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