Q. What are the dimensions of the AllAboard?

A. Approximately 11” Wide, 5.5” Deep X 1” Thick


Q. Which phones are compatible with the AllAboard?

A. Nearly any phone with a bottom facing charging port. Phones that do not have a bottom facing port can be placed in the slot without the adapters installed.


Q. What is the largest phone that can fit in the AllAboard? 

A. With the adapters attached, you can fit pretty much any size phone/case combination imaginable, but we would suggest nothing much larger than .75” Thick by 3.25” Wide. You can fit a phone inside the slot with the dimensions of .45” Thick by 3.25”


Q. How should I care for my AllAboard?

A. We would suggest using a clean and slightly dampened cloth to wipe with occasionally. Do not let the surface stay wet for any extended period of time.