We love what we do. We love what we design. We love what we make. What company wouldn't say that? As much as we would love to sit here and talk about ourselves. I'm sure we could go on all day, but we'll save you from all that, Wudzee isn't that kind of company. What really makes us who we are is what is different about us, and our values. No single thing made here goes into production unless we absolutely love it, it's as simple as that. We will only make things that we use ourselves day in and day out. We build things that last, all made here in the United States. From the ground up, we design and build everything here in Detroit, Michigan. We are truly "Made in America". Its a pretty loosely used term these days (we're not too happy about that to be honest) but we don't mean just cut and assembled here. From the tree to your home, its all done here, and we couldn't possibly be any more proud of that fact. We aren't looking for anyone to just buy our product, that wouldn't be our style. We want to find people to own a little bit of our company and what we stand for, and to love what they get as much as we love making it for them for many years to come. Yeah, this stuff actually lasts, and we will always stand behind that 110 percent.

                                     Welcome to our site, and our company. We hope you love it!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Joe Vitale
                                                                                                        Founder of Wudzee